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A picture speaks a thousand words

Published August 16, 2014 - 0 Comments

The most popular hobby in the world is photography, its also the fastest growing  with the advent of decent resolution smart phones people are recording their daily lives and of course sharing these images, however mundane, via social media such as Facebook.

I wonder if every picture has now been taken, certainly as a photographer I see so many images that record very similar views to the ones Ive taken, sometimes startlingly so as it looks like one of my own.

Perhaps thats why the “selfie” is so popular, they are at least individual and unique and although many are boring, they do give the viewer a glimpse into the soul of people they probably don’t know that well and thats a great thing to a photographers eye.

Whats all this got to do with web design here in New South Wales?

A picture does indeed speak a thousand words and when we commence a web site we are often asked to put clients images onto their company sites, too often these are badly taken with a low resolution camera, these of course will represent the  business in a very negative manner and hugely reduce the impact of the site and its ability to attract clients.

The highly visual manner the web portrays the business and demands the best and most professional photography the company can get.

Tamworth Web Design understand most businesses don’t have expert photographers on their staff and therefore we offer a fully profession photography service using the very best high quality DSLR cameras and lenses, we have transformed the perceived image of many small businesses in New South wales

As we also offer a full text writing service using 40 years of collective experience running a variety of our own businesses, we are the one stop shop for all online marketing, this makes our clients life so much easier and makes the process of web site design in New South wales a painless and exciting experience.

As I said, a picture says so much about you, its just got to say there right things….

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