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Tamworth Web Design commenced trading in 2013

Under the steady hand of Alasdair Ward and Sam Harries-Jones, who built a solid business from scratch, completing an enviable number of websites in and around the North West Region over the following years, until moving out of the area in 2017 and placing the business into a holding pattern at that time. From that point, they were just waiting for someone like me to come along buy the business from them - which i did in late September 2018. It was great timing for all concerned.

Hi, my name is Andrew Maughan. I purchased Tamworth Web Design
in September 2018 and I'm looking forward to working with you

The decision to buy Tamworth  Web Design was an easy one for me. I've bought the business with confidence of knowing that we are settled here as a family and that my past web design and web hosting experience will add immense value to all of the existing and new clients of Tamworth Web Design. The work I do can help us all go to the next level in our respective businesses.  

My Web career started back in 2006 and over the years  I have been building event management, e-commerce and promotion websites for a myriad of clients, from internationally recognised motivational speakers to local small to medium businesses. I've built and managed E-commerce websites for National tours like Mike Tyson's Tour of Australia and ran Adwords campaigns for a number of clients, including for the promotors of live shows like the Jacksons and large retailers like Shoes and Sox. All very interesting experiences.

"I've always had a focus on building cost effective websites that do something. A website should not just be an inert online brochure." 

Cost effective integration of offline to online conversion strategies and system integrations like CRM's and payment gateways are all within the reach of most small businesses. The bottom line though, is that all of these components rely on a cutting edge website as their foundation - and that is the core of my  service.

We build quality websites for affordable prices. We build on a commercial platform that will give you a return on your investment and will represent your business at its highest level.