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Clicks and Bricks

Published July 1, 2014 - 0 Comments

The UK shopping centres are dying or dead, killed off by edge of town developments, high town centre rents and lack of parking, so where does the small independent retailer go from here.
This will happen here in Australia eventually.
Different types of retail operations will of course be better suited to online shopping and others won’t survive in their present form, i.e. book and camera shops and some high end electrical stores will go mainly online.
In the more rural towns of New South Wales the multiple retailers aren’t so much in evidence so a great opportunity exists for the small retailers to get a great looking web site to act as their “shop window” , some will also lend themselves to online shopping carts.

A web presence will not cost the earth, a good site can be had for under $1500, and properly laid out and search engine optimised will boost turnover and profits considerably.

“Grow or wither on the vine”

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