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Digital Enterprise

Published June 1, 2014 - 0 Comments

The NSW Business Chamber have been running a series of talks and seminars throughout the region recently about the best practice in getting a successful online presence for local SMEs (small & medium enterprises) part of their Digital Enterprise Programme

With the roll out of the National Broadband the timing of these talks is aimed at getting far more awareness of the power of the internet.

Derek Tink who has been facilitating this (and has kindly allowed me to share some of the information) has highlighted some very interesting and pertinent facts regarding how many businesses in the region aren’t taking advantage of the internet to power sales growth.

  • 91% of businesses here have internet however only 43% have an online presence
  • Out of those only 28% receive orders via the internet
  • In 2008 Australian business online sales were $81bn, this grew to $189bn only 2 years later in 2010

The cost of a website, professionally created and hosted has dropped dramatically and vital areas such as content, search engine optimisation, good photos, updates and ongoing support are the sort of areas a good web designer will give you as part of the overall package.

One of the biggest issues with many web design companies is their lack of business experience meaning the client spends hours writing content, a good web designer will just require guidance and will understand a wide range of business types and sectors

Internet is the future!!

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