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Help With Domain Name Registration Issues

Published January 7, 2019 - 0 Comments

Help and support with domain name registration + renewal

I have had a lot of clients speaking to me who are really confused about the basics of domain name registration, domain name renewals, websites, hosting and those sort of things and when people are confused by these things, it creates frustration in their life.

so I thought the easiest thing I can do is create some basic introductory videos to walk you through the fundamentals of these sort of issues.

So lets start with domain name registration and renewals. In Australia, you really should have a "" domain name, because that is the "TLD" - top level domain, for Australia. Now, when you renew or purchase that domain name, you  would purchase or renew it through a domain name registrar, and the registrar is licenced to sell you , or renew, your domain name.

In Australia, to buy a "" domain name you need to be a registered entity - typically a sole trader or a Pty. Ltd. and you  should be paying anywhere from about $28.00 to maybe $40.00 to renew the domain name for a 2 year renewal. Registrars can charge whatever they want for a renewal - and I have seen people pay over $100 to buy or renew a domain name.  

You have to ask yourself the question, this is an administrative process to renew a domain name, why would you pay $50- $80 or more in some cases to renew a domain name for 2 years, when you could pay only $28 to renew the domain name with Tamworth Web Design for the same service. So there are some traps for the unwary there, and one is paying too much to buy or renew your domain name.

The other trap for the unwary is that if you are unaware of who your registrar is, who you have to pay to renew your domain name, then you are open to being scammed.

Here is how that scam works. You receive an email, or an invoice to urgently renew your domain name, as its due to expire. Of course, you promptly pay this urgent and small bill, only you haven't paid your registrar at all, you've paid someone who has scammed you by pretending to be your registrar. 

Now this is surprisingly common scam and the challenge with it is, that the dollar amount is very low and can often go unnoticed. So it really does pay to know who your registrar is.

What I encourage you to do is head over to AUDA is the domain administrator for Australia. What you can do here, is search for your domain name and then see all of the important administrative information about your domain name.

The important information you need to be aware of is:

Registrar - this is your registrar, who is paid by you or your domain name administrator  to renew your domain name.

Registrant  - this is you, or the administrator who is listed to administer your domain name. ( Tamworth Web Design is often listed as the registrant contact for our clients)

Registrant Email - this is you, or the administrator who is listed to administer your domain name. ( Tamworth Web Design is often listed as the registrant contact for our clients)

Here is where things can start going bad for people. If you are the registrant and you change or delete your email address, but don't update the details with the new email address in your registrar account, then you can lose access to your registrar account. Depending on who the registrar is, this can be a really painful process, where you have to now supply documentation in order to regain access to your domain registrar account.

This can be a really frustrating administrative process, so it really makes sense to be aware of who the registrar is, who the registrar contact is and to make sure these details are correct.

Another area where people get tripped up with domain names and domain name renewals, is when they buy an existing business which already had a domain name. I had this case arise a few times last year and in one case, they bought the business many years ago, they were listed as the registrant contact, but their registrant contact email address was no longer correct.

This was the first problem. The second problem is that the previous entity was still listed as the registrant entity. Those details had not been changed in the transition of ownership of the business.

The combination of these problems, is that it took over 12 weeks to gain access to the domain name - in-fact, the existing registrar was so difficult in this case , they basically wanted us to go and find the old business owner, who was long gone, to sign documentation to say the business had changed hands.

We ended up having to reopen the old expired email account and then transfer the domain name to the Tamworth Web Design registrar account via a clever password recovery process that circumvented the registrar. Most people would be unaware how to do this and anyway, all avoidable if a little bit of support and administrative attention to detail had been applied up front.

If this sort of stuff just really puts lumps on your brain, a lot of people hate this sort of stuff, this is a service that Tamworth Web Design does supply to our clients, we are a domain name registrar administrator, we can buy, sell, renew and administer domain names for our clients and there can be huge advantages to putting this in the hands of someone who is a professional who deals with this stuff all of the time and then you don't need to worry about it so much.

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