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How to market your website

Published November 5, 2014 - 0 Comments

How to ensure your new web site really works for your business.

A web site on its own, simply put is not going to increase turnover.. Many businesses believe that by just sticking up a cheap site created in one of the huge range of inexpensive web options, thats it… sit back and watch the business roll in.

When it doesn’t (which it won’t) everybody decides that this type of marketing doesn’t work for them and revert to other traditional types of advertising.

This is a very common story and with some thought and a bit of effort the world wide web can be a hugely successful and quantifiable method of getting and retaining new clients.

OK so how do you unlock the potential of your web site…

Here are some of the many ways to do this

  • Put the domain name ( onto all of your companies emails, stationary, business cards, signage and vehicles (even staff uniforms)
  • Use your website to enhance and extend all printed marketing materials with a link to your website displayed clearly.
  • Ensure your site is fully search engined optimised, this must be done by a reputable web specialist.
  • Don’t get a site in the first place that the designers won’t carry out the SEO as above
  • Social media on your site is a must for help with search engine optimisation, especially Face Book which is a great way to interact with lots of potential clients
  • Set up Google Analytics, this way you’ll know how your site is performing on a regular basis
  • ALWAYs get staff to ask clients how they came to hear of your company, in this way you’ll know how your marketing is being successful
  • Collect a database of clients and email them regularly with special offers and include your site details to drive them to it
  • Keep the site fresh and updated, new images of products and projects.
  • Ensure the site is responsive which means its able to be viewed on tablets and phones, if it cannot then you will lose a big part of your potential market

The web site is the way into peoples homes and businesses, don’t forget though it needs to be the corner stone of all your marketing efforts, not an addendum…

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