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Rebranding Your Business

Published October 12, 2016 - 0 Comments

Whether your business is experiencing a sales slump, never really got off the ground or is simply in need of revitalisation, rebranding is a hugely tempting route. And if executed with gusto, it can be a hugely powerful solution. Looking for proof?

Once upon a time, J Crew was daggy, Burberry was for bogans, McDonald’s made America fat and Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy. Now, all four brands are economic powerhouses. And to some extent, they have stellar rebranding campaigns to thank for their revival.

That said, rebranding a business is definitely not something to be taken lightly. All businesses are underpinned by some form of personality, and completely revamping could damage relationships with the consumers that do keep your business afloat. So how can you pull off a successful rebrand that’ll help your business find its feet, and stand tall for years to come?

Understand your market

By far, the biggest reason businesses choose to rebrand is because their target market is changing. Existing personalities may no longer appeal to a business’s core demographic, so they change with the times. Rebranding is a huge opportunity to evolve and innovate, but only if you understand what your customers really want. For example, back in 2010 Old Spice discovered that 60% of men’s body washes were purchased by women. So, it rebranded to focus on winning the attention of ladies and launched with its iconic ‘The Man Your Man Can Smell Like’ campaign. Website traffic soared by 300% and sales increased by 200%. Pure genius.

A killer logo

A logo is the visual cornerstone of any brand, and serves as a way for consumers to instantly recognise your business in any context. It’s a simple yet powerful visual statement of your business’s identity, and can trigger memories, emotions and buying behaviour in a matter of seconds. If you’re rebranding, an astronomical logo is an absolute must. We’re here to help, with an inspired graphic design service that sees our in-house gurus create bespoke logos designed exclusively for your business.

A sleek website

For most modern consumers, a website is the first point of call when engaging with a business. This means that in order to execute a rebranding campaign that takes your business to the next level, a sleek, professional and user friendly website is not an option. It’s a necessity.

Consistency is key

From a B2C perspective, branding consistency helps to establish trust, maximise recognition and increase conversions. Be sure to maintain a sense of uniformity throughout your rebranding campaign, paying attention to finer details like font, colour palettes, logos, tone of voice and so on.

Don’t fix what isn’t broke

Rebranding is a slippery slope, and as mentioned earlier it’s one that’s all too easy to embark on. If your business is in trouble make sure you pinpoint what the problem is, before taking action. Unnecessary logo and UX revamps are prime examples of rebrands that can damage a business, as opposed to improve it. Just ask Airbnb, Gap, Hershey’s and Instagram, which all endured a major backlash after refreshing their logos.

Is your business in need of a makeover? Get in touch with us today to chat about all things rebrand. From custom websites and the most inspired logo design service in Tamworth to TV commercials and social media marketing campaigns that’ll make your business buzz, we’ve got it covered.

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