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Virtual Tours

Published February 21, 2017 - 0 Comments

Virtual Tours – The use of immersive technology and VR to help promote your business

When virtual reality headsets first began to hit the tech market a couple of years ago, it was hard to identify whether their arrival would be anything more than a brief fad. However, as the use of VR and similar immersive technologies expands, is it time to adopt them for your business?

How VR and immersive technology can market your business

Using virtual reality is no longer limited to science fiction films, nor do you have to go quite as far as using VR headsets to begin utilising other immersive techniques to give your business a real shot in the arm.

If you’re not yet familiar with the growing popularity of VR, which is set to continue soaring in 2017, it generally sees the user wearing some sort of headset to explore a virtual environment. It’s allowed businesses to go from seeing this as futuristic and niche technology to recognising it as a real opportunity to promote their business in a way never previously possible.

Some of the biggest businesses in the world have been adopting virtual reality to market their business in more depth than ever before. Some of the biggest hotel chains in the world are using VR to show potential customers what they will find when visiting the hotel, giving them the opportunity to ‘walk’ through bedrooms, stroll around the pool or have a look at other amenities to help them decide whether to book with the property.

It’s not limited to hotels either, with luxury car manufacturers such as Mercedes using virtual reality to allow customers a glimpse in to their aspirational models. Retailers are using it to allow customers to view products in more detail online, and even media outlets such as The New York Times have implemented VR to make more immersive video story-telling possible.

Ideas to use immersive technology for your business

While those examples may give you some inspiration when considering how to use VR to promote your business, it is also true to say that they are big companies adopting immersive technologies with huge budgets. However, there are plenty of affordable ways for you to promote your business with VR and immersive tech.

A good place to start, especially if you’re a retail, leisure or tourism business, is to have a 360o virtual tour made of your premises. These can sit on your own website, or in some cases, are accessible through Google Street View. It’s a great way to open your offer to potential customers before they even step foot inside your door.

In other industries, VR can be adopted to help showcase services before serious investment is made. Take architecture for example, where you can use plans to create a virtual walkthrough of a new building, allowing the customer to experience their new premises before a stone has been laid. This can potentially save a lot of time and money by identifying improvements at an early stage.

Finally, if you’re holding a conference or an important event, what if you have customers on the other side of the world that would love to attend, but simply cannot? New immersive technologies can help deliver this event, in all of its 360o glory, straight to these delegates making it a truly global event that is accessible to all.

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