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Whats in a name

Published May 1, 2014 - 0 Comments

Tamworth Web Design, does what it says on the tin, but what experience do the people who run these type of  businesses have when it comes to advising other companies and entrepreneurs?

A Web Designer doesn’t have to have any knowledge of how businesses function, they just need to know their chosen method of designing a site  be it in HTML, WordPress etc and stick in images and text supplied by the client, bingo a web site appears, and generally then forgotten about by designer and client alike.

The fact is a web site on its own wont bring in significant new business, the site need to be heavily marketed and advertised in addition to search engine optimisation (SEO) otherwise the site will be inept and virtually useless as a marketing tool.

Tamworth Web Design team are not just superb Web Designers but international business people, with experience running their own businesses, and advising companies of varying sizes in the USA,  the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Holland and France as well as here in regional Australia, this give our clients a huge advantage over most web design companies enabling us actually write relevant meaningful content instead of waiting for the busy client to do this.

We have designed and published a number of sites in Australia across a range of industries, from powder coating to hairdressing, hotels to restaurants, with minimal input from the business owners.

Tamworth Web Designs are able to do this because of our huge experience in running our own and other peoples companies.

We will  help with ongoing marketing and leveraging the web site powering your business forward.

A web site is the cornerstone of all your marketing, not an addendum to it, talk to us, we can really help your business to grow.

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