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Search Engine Optimisation

Published March 10, 2016 - 0 Comments

At Tamworth Web Design we are constantly being asked why the huge variations in web site design pricing, we can’t speak for others however we know why our sites rank highly on Google searches and our pricing reflects the care and attention we pay to search engine optimisation as well as design and content

There are a number of misconceptions we hear in Tamworth regarding how Google ranks sites and individual pages, two popular theories are back linking (it does help if the links are relevant and from and highly ranked site) but buying hundreds of backlinks will have a negligible effect on search ratings.

Metadata is used to provide Google with information about the pages however this can be abused by site builders and now have very little or no impact on SEO (search engine optimisation)

The fact is nobody outside Google fully understands how pages are ranked and anyway its constantly changing so second guessing isn’t worth the effort

So whats the “secret” of getting high up in the Google pages… Its really very simple. Great content, relevant to the subject and site, images should have descriptive tags, page loading speed is important, inserting a Google site map are all very basic requirements

Relevant Keywords are vital (Keyword Stuffing i.e. just repeating hundreds of words is a big no no) Blogs and embedded social media also are a huge help

Tamworth Web Design uses a whole gamut of SEO techniques in addition to the above but of course thats our secret!

If you want a stunning design to show of your company and its products and services, superbly marketed with SEO that gets you highly ranked, give us a ring at Tamworth Web Design.

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